We build trust
smile after smile

The dentist’s office in Constanta that brings you extra confidence through dental health.

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Your journey towards a healthy smile starts here

The story of a healthy smile starts with a regular dental check-up. No pain, no discomfort, regular dental check-ups and regular dental hygiene at Orizont Dent help you always have a healthy smile.

Friends you can rely upon on the road to a healthy smile

Whatever you want, it’s easier to get with the right friends. We are specialists dentists but first of all, we are human. At Orizont Dent, we listen, understand and overcome dental problems with our patients.
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Pain is not welcome here

We don’t like pain and we do everything we can to get rid of it. We offer you painless dental services such as dental aesthetics, implantology, dental prosthetics, endodontics, dental therapy and plasmolifting.

We give you every reason to trust your smile

We want you to feel good. That’s why Orizont Dent is the dental clinic that raises your confidence, through a healthy smile. The warm and relaxing atmosphere in our office hides modern equipment and a constant concern for improving our treatments.
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