Dental aesthetics

We all want beautifully aligned straight and bright white teeth. But in most cases, this smile is obtained only in the dentist’s office.
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An attractive and healthy smile at Orizont Dent

Dental aesthetic treatments such as whitening, prosthetic works in the laboratory (integral or zirconium ceramic crowns, ceramic veneers) help to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. And with the help of orthodontic appliances, the harmonious alignment of the teeth is obtained.

Dental whiteninig

At Orizont Dent, the teeth whitening procedure begins with descaling, followed by brushing and spraying with the airflow device that removes the bacterial plaque and any stains caused by nicotine, in the case of our smoking patients.

What follows is the whitening process chosen according to the needs and expectations of the patient based on the discussion with the dentist.

Dental facets

Are a perfect and modern solution for an ideal smile. Dental veneers are thin structures made of ceramic that satisfy the need for superior aesthetics.

They are recommended for patients who have short teeth, with gaps between them, with different pigmentations, which cannot be treated with other procedures.

Ceramic crowns on zirconium support

They are another alternative to a whitening treatment for a perfect smile. Zirconium ceramic crowns are used in cases where the damage is significant, having the advantage of higher strength and no colour change.

Clear aligner treatments

Clear aligner treatments are a modern alternative to braces, an effective method for proper alignment of teeth. At Orizont Dent we use one of the most advanced dental alignment systems produced in Germany that offers safety and the possibility of correcting many alignment problems.